Pre-Launch Party for Talio eBikes
Make Your Investment Soar with Talio Electric Bikes!

Join the VIP Pre-Launch Party and Discover What's in Store

  •  Learn About Talio Electric Bikes                                  Find out why Talio electric bikes are set to revolutionize the electric bike market and could expand your investment portfolio.
  • Meet the CEO & Founder                                              Learn about the company's vision for an environmentally friendly and profitable future and get an exclusive first look at Talio and the plans for the company's explosive growth over the next 12 months.
  • Get a Behind-the-Scenes Look                                            At the VIP launch party, you'll get an exclusive look at Talio's innovative electric bike technology. Learn how it works, what makes it special, and experience cutting-edge design, power, and performance as you take Talio for a test ride! 
  • Exclusive Benefits for VIP                                              We've got exclusive offers just for VIPS – a chance to get in early to invest in shares of Talio eBikes at a reduced price before they officially launch! This is your chance to be part of this revolutionary product before anyone else and reap the rewards of being an early investor.  
Ready to get ahead of the curve on the exciting new eBike trend? 
Then don't miss the Pre-Launch Party today for Talio eBikes – an innovative, people-focused design that could transform people’s lives worldwide.

Live In-Person and broadcast online via Zoom.

Wednesday 29th March @ 7pm BST.

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Hi, I am Francesco, Founder & CEO of Talio Bikes.

I am thrilled to offer you a VIP spot at our Pre-Launch Party for Talio Electric Bikes, a bike I crafted to change lives worldwide.

Join us for the exclusive Pre-Party Launch of Talio  Electric Bikes, an innovative new electric bike designed with comfort and safety as a top priority, making it accessible for anyone to enjoy their ride worry-free.

As our VIP, you will get the chance to get in on this ground-breaking technology before it hits retailers - invest with confidence, knowing that these revolutionary bikes boast unbeatable quality and are sure to generate significant returns over time.

RSVP Today to Join the Pre-Launch Party & Let me show you why now is the best time to invest in Talio.

The Pre-Launch Party Agenda
Here's exactly what to expect:

The time listed below is in the GMT zone.

18:30 -18:50 ll Doors Open & Mingle

18.50 - 19:00 ll Get comfortable in your seat.
** If you are joining via Zoom, the meeting will be available to participate from 18:50 pm**

19:00 - 19:45 ll The Start of the Pre-Launch Party!

19:45 - 20:00 ll Questions and Answers

20:00 - 20:15 ll Closing Announcement & Opportunities.

Snacks and Drinks will be provided for VIPs joining in person. 

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